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Building your own business just got easier by becoming part of the CMN Brands family. Supported by today’s business training and financial strategies to further prosper the family at home. In accordance with the vision that has been embedded so far, namely, CMN Brands wants to create one million true entrepreneurs who are able to have a positive impact on Indonesia. Be a part of us now.

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Enjoy all the benefits of CMN Brands just by buying a product and getting a starter kit to start your business.

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True Entrepreneurs will also get motivation and education from successful businessmen both on a regional and national scale.

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Together with CMN, You can get various rewards and opportunities to travel abroad.

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Joining the CMN business network can make you successful and financially secure.


Riama Simarmata

EPM CEO Dewi, Medan

Achieve Tens of Millions of Monthly Turnover

Thanks to CMN, I can provide a proper education to my children, because my monthly turnover reaches tens of millions.

Erni Marlina Dewi

EPM CEO Adinda, Kaur Kab.Bengkulu

Reach Master Level in 2 months

Unexpectedly, CMN’s business network could help me build a shophouse & have a car, moreover the bonus reached tens of millions of rupiah every month.


Yesi Fitri H

EPM CEO Adinda, Bengkulu

Just joined, you can buy a car and go abroad

Even though it’s only been 1 year, but I have been able to buy my own car and take various domestic and international trips.

Cut Agustiawati

EPM CEO Radhia, Aceh

Successfully Invited 10 People Overseas

Just joined CMN, you immediately get a reward for traveling, and even invite 10 friends to go for a walk together. So happy!


EPL CEO Radhia, Maumere

Once you join, you will be successful

14 years involved in the MLM world, but only through CMN success. Can always chase any reward from CMN. So love dies with CMN.

Feny Sasmita

CEO Adinda, Bengkulu

Pandemi, Omzet Malah meroket

In the midst of this pandemic, it has made me even more generous, as long as I don’t give up hope, and we start to enter the online world, I guarantee that turnover will continue to skyrocket. Saya telah membuktikan!

CMN Indonesian Family Choice

We open the maximum opportunity for you to get unlimited income according to your work. Join us and make dreams come true with CMN!


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